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Mentally unstable people

As I sit here reading page after page on MySpace, I can’t help but notice that there are alot of people who I’d consider to be mentally unstable. It’s sad to see how many people talk shit about others, just to make themselves feel like they’re the “bigger” person, when in reality, it makes them look like fools. I spent a portion of my life doing the same thing….when I was in middle school! I’ve since grown up, and realize that talking bad about other people is counterproductive. If I have a beef with someone, I talk to them directly…I don’t run around talking to anybody who will listen. I can’t imagine what people would think of me if I aired my “dirty laundry” to everyone. They’d probably think I’m unintelligent, ignorant, and shallow…and that’s definately not me!

What really hits home is that I’ve raised my son to behave properly, and he has to grow up in a world where other parents have not only allowed their children to behave like an ignoramus,  they’ve shown that they’re proud of how their children act! Of course, if their children had a better example to follow, they wouldn’t behave so badly. I honestly hope that, when my son grows up, he’ll be able to show people how to be productive and respectful, by being the same kind of example to them as his parents were to him.

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