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The Death of the English Language

Most people believe that the English language is being snuffed out because of immigration. I, however, believe that it’s being slaughtered from the inside out. How can we possibly wish to enforce the language in our nation as a whole, when too many natural born citizens don’t or won’t speak proper English to begin with?

I can’t tell you how irritated it makes me, to hear people speak as if they were raised in a shack in some backwoods, given no more than a 2nd grade education taught by a pack of alcoholic wolves. Or worse, as if they were raised in the ghetto by a streetgang of hardened criminals and prostitutes. Most of the people that I encounter that speak these ways, come from middle class families in suburbia, with an education of at least 12 years (or are still in the process).

I cringe when I hear someone say, “I seen that.”. No, you didn’t. You saw that, or you have seen that, or you see that. But it is not possible to “seen” anything. If something is “sick”, you should seek medical attention. What exactly is bad, when you say, “my bad”? And would someone please explain to me how an inanimate object can be gay? It’s neither happy, as with the old definition, nor is it a homosexual, because it lacks sexual organs and a brain. And when you’re corrected, why do you get defensive and say things like, “whatever!”, or, “who cares?”. Apparently nobody cares. Everyone seems to celebrate their illiteracy these days. They’re proud of the way they behave. It’s disgraceful to all Americans, and to all the immigrants who came before us, who struggled to learn the English language so that they could become citizens. It’s no wonder we can’t make English the official American language. I’m surprised that our signs don’t include “Redneck” and “Ghetto”, as well as Spanish and other prominent languages of the region.

When my son mimics what he hears around him, and starts speaking like a buffoon, I’m quick to correct him. I’ve often asked him the rhetorical question, “How far do you think you’ll get in life, if you continue to speak this way?”. How far, indeed? A counter clerk at a fast food chain. A janitor or trashperson. Maybe, if he’s really lucky, he’d become a rapper. I mean, that is where most of our kids are receiving their English lessons from these days. No, I know my son aspires to be more than that, and I’m sure that even though mom may be “nagging” him, he’s taking my constructive criticism to heart. After all, he knows that there’s nothing worse than a lazy brain.

  1. November 19, 2010 at 10:51 am

    Dear Shelli, I have been watching this process for most of my life. I think it gets worse every year. Peace, howie

    • November 20, 2010 at 3:51 pm

      I think you’re right, Howie!

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