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Entire Life Quiz

Entire Life Quiz



Answer YES or NO only!

Drank so much you threw up? nope
Had feelings for someone who didn’t have them back? yes
Been arrested? no, I actually AM a good person
Gone on a blind date? never
Skipped school? shhh, yeah
Seen someone die? yes
Been to Canada? yep
Been to Florida? lots
Been to Mexico? not yet
Been in a helicopter? I’m thinking yes
Been on a plane? plenty of times
Jumped out of a plane? not yet
Been lost? I don’t get lost, I have a fantastic sense of direction
Gone to Washington ,DC? yeah
Swam in the ocean? yeppers
Felt like dying? daily
Cried yourself to sleep? too many times to count
Played cops and robbers? when I was a kid
Recently colored with crayons? sadly, yes LOL
Sang karaoke? in front of actual people! LOL
Paid for a meal with only coins? paid for lots with only coins
Done something you told yourself you wouldn’t? yes 😦
Made prank phone calls? a loooong time ago
TP’d someone’s house? ditto
Keyed someone’s car? no, that’s just wrong!
Laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose? LOL, yes
Laughed until liquid came out the other end? yep, I’ve pissed myself laughing before
Caught a snowflake on your tongue? yes
Danced in the rain? yes 🙂
Written a letter to Santa Claus? I think I have one saved from when I was younger
Been kissed under the mistletoe? yeah
Watched the sun rise with someone you care about? almost daily
Blown bubbles? with AND without a jar of soapy water LOL
Made a bonfire on the beach/river bank? nope
Crashed a party? nope
Shot a gun? yep, and I’m a damn good shot, too!
Gone roller-skating? oh yeah!
Gone Ice-skating? used to
Jumped off a bridge? ::shudder::: never will, either
Called in sick when you weren’t? I plead the 5th
Been so mad you laughed? recently
Been so happy you cried? yes
Felt bad for someone you didn’t like? yeah
Rocked out, lip syncing a song while no one was around? if no one is around to see it, did it really happen?
Still dream about what you’ll do when you grow up?? no

Random Questions:

Any nicknames? Bitch, Shell, Mom, Yo, and Hey you! LOL
Mother’s Name: disowned
What is your favorite non alcoholic drink? Turkey Hill Iced Tea
Tattoos? never
Body piercing? ears only for now
How much do you love your job? being a mother is the best job there is!
Birthplace? Delaware
Favorite Animal? anything feline
Favorite Color? black
Favorite Season? SUMMER
Favorite type of music: anything but opera and hardcore rap
Something you couldn’t live without? my son and husband
Favorite vacation spot? DISNEY WORLD
Ever been to Africa? not yet
Ever eaten cookies for dinner? unfortunately
Ever been on TV? yes
Ever steal any traffic signs? watched as someone else did
Ever been in a car accident? 4 that I remember
Was it your fault? none of them were
Were you hurt? in one, yes
Salad dressing? Ranch, Blue Cheese, or Caesar
Any Animals? just my fuzzy ass beast of a cat
Favorite number? 13 on DOND 😉
Favorite Movie? Gia, Labyrinth, Close Encounters, Star Wars…and lots more
Favorite Holiday? Halloween…hate the rest
Favorite alcoholic drink? Long Island Iced Tea, or 57 Chevy
Favorite Food? seafood
Favorite day of the week? Friday!
Favorite brand of body soap? whatever’s cheap
Favorite TV shows? way too many to list (most on my profile)
Favorite toothpaste? Mentadent
What do you do to relax? sleep
What message do you send to friends reading this now? to friends: Thanks for reading!! (to enemies: fuck off!)
How do you see yourself in 10 years? 6 feet under
What do you do when you are bored? these dumb ass surveys
Furthest Place you will send this message? that should be “farthest”, not “furthest”, and I don’t know
Who will respond the fastest? beats me

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