In general

I haven’t had much time, energy or inclination to talk to anyone personally for a while, so for that, I apologize. Figured I’d blog about it, get everyone caught up all at once.


Seems like we’re always on the go lately. Somewhere to be, stuff that needs done. Between doctor’s appointments, normal errands, and the never-ending surprises and odd stuff, I’m rarely ever relaxed anymore. Most days, I can’t even remember what I’ve got going on. I am in dire need of some sort of PDA cell phone (my flip phone has issues) so I can keep everything in one place. Unfortunately, the price of them is still staggering, so it’ll have to wait. I know this summer is going to be mucho busy, although I have no concrete plans after this Wednesday! LOL I would love to take a day and hit an amusement park this year. We’ll have to see what the finances have in store for us.


A few weeks ago, my Husband and I decided to start our flower garden. It was beautiful outside … warm, sunny and dry. Me and my black thumb don’t usually work well together, but something about outdoor, grown in the actual ground plants seem to thrive by my hand. We got some flowers that were already established and some seeds, soil and starter trays. Mapped out a few areas, turned the soil and put in edging. A few of the plants went into hanging pots, most went into the ground. The seeds were planted in the trays, and I hoped for the best. Within a week, the plants had bloomed and the seeds had sprouted! Since everything was going so well, my Husband decided to buy me the one thing I’ve been wanting for many years … a black rose bush! It was well established, and already had 5 very tiny buds on it when we planted it. Then the weather turned ugly. It got so cold, we had to bring in every plant we could, and I was worried about the ones already planted in the ground. They all survived, but 4 of the rose buds blew off in the wind. The one that remained grew quickly, and bloomed last week! Black roses are a misnomer. They’re not actually black, but a very dark red, some so dark they appear black. The one that bloomed has a mottled look to it, but it’s absolutely gorgeous! I took some stunning pics today when the sun came out after a major thunderstorm, and will post them as soon as I can. As soon as all the other plants bloom (or bloom more) I’ll take more pics, and post them. I’m very proud of this gardening accomplishment.


My step-sister’s wedding was last weekend. Everything about it was beautiful … the location, the setting, the ceremony and even the reception. I got to see my step-brother, whom I haven’t seen in 4 years. For me, that was the best part of the whole thing; to see him, and finally introduce him to my Husband! We all had a good time. I’m just glad I didn’t have to foot the bill for that one, ’cause it was as ostentatious as it could be. I’ve got some pics that I’ll post, when I get the chance.

Da Brat

My Son’s class did a chorus presentation of “Fiddler on the Roof” on Friday. It was awfully cute. I even remembered some of the songs from the movie, and was singing along! LOL Pics to follow, eventually. Afterwards, he was complaining about his armpit burning and hurting. It looked like a chemical burn (confirmed by the doctor on Sunday), and we spent the weekend trying to figure out what he could have come into contact with, and still have not figured it out. Looked better today, but still red and raw. I’ve mentioned to a few people that he’s been teaching himself to play the guitar, and I have to say he’s getting quite good at it! The down side is, he’s playing certain songs so much, that those same songs now heard on the radio make us cringe and want to scream!


Did you get yours today? I got mine yesterday! (actually last week, but that didn’t fit the song. LOL) Tax rebate, that is. Wooo-Hooo! It’s all but spent already. The first thing we got … a tank of gas, to the tune of $80! I think that’s the real reason they sent out the rebates, to “stimulate” the oil companies. And one of our local Hess stations has put a $75 “cap” on the amount of gas a person can get at one fill-up. They claim it’s to prevent the drive-offs that are happening more frequently now. $3.79 a gallon is ridiculous already, and they say it’s supposed to go as high as $4.50 by August! People aren’t going to be able to afford to GO to work, at this rate! Grrrrrrrr Most of what we’re using it for is going to be necessities, with a couple of “wants” thrown in for good measure. I’ve gotten a replacement hard drive for my computer (on clearance), since it’s dying a slow and painful death. I hope to have that installed next weekend by my resident computer geek. And my Husband found a replacement car stereo at a junkyard for $30. It’s an Alpine, and plays MP3s, so I think he got a damn good deal. He spent Saturday installing it, and I was pleasantly surprised that it worked. Next weekend, if the weather is finally nice again (been miserable for the past week), we’ll hit some yard sales, and see if we can get some stuff we need at a cheap price. If not, I’ll be filling my time on eBay or Craigslist. I dread having to pay retail for the stuff, but we’ll have to for the tires, alignment and inspection for our truck.

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