Global Warming?

It’s days like today that even I start to wonder whether global warming is real and true! Of course, I’m just kidding, I know it’s true!

This past week, in south-central Pennsylvania, it’s been brrrrr cold, especially at night. I’m not ready for this change in weather just yet. Summer just didn’t last long enough for me. I’m the type of person that enjoys the heat. Not the oppressive, 98° with the humidity at 90%  for a week, and it just … won’t … rain type of heat. I’m talking about the kind of heat where you can sit outside and enjoy the heat type of heat. This time of year makes me want to move to Florida more and more. 7 more years … that’s all we have to wait. Unless, of course, we win the lottery and can fly back and forth every week to spend time with the kid. 😉

I’m not a cold weather person at all. I would much rather have even the oppressive heat, than I would the kind of cold that burrows in through your clothes and bites at your skin. The kind of cold, where you walk outside for less than 5 minutes, and have to spend the next 2 hours warming up to the point of comfortable. The kind of cold that makes your joints stiff, rendering you unable to type a blog complaining about the cold.

I’m the type of person that will fight to not turn on the A/C until the heat becomes unbearable, but will break out the space heater and point it directly at me, the minute it goes below 60° outside. Which, of course, sparks an internal dilemma: do I really want to start paying a much higher electric bill in October, or do I just say “to hell with life” and bundle up under several layers of clothing and blankets to avoid the “sticker shock” when that nasty little envelope comes in the mail? Hmmm – comfort or financial trauma?

Right now, I’m still opposed to turning on the actual heat (which is an electrical wall unit or two in each room, seperately controlled), and had my Husband dig out one of our electric space heaters. It’s doing it’s job, albeit a little too slowly for my tastes, but the living room is warm enough. Walking out of the living room, however, is a little frightening at the moment, because the temperature drop is substantial. I was reminded tonight, also, of what it feels like to sit on a frigid toilet seat: not pleasant!

Where, oh where, is global warming when I need it most? And why can’t those Canadians keep their cold front where it belongs, and stop sending it in MY direction? Grrrrrr. Er, make that Brrrrrrr!

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