One of those days

All those little things that have been bothering me for a while finally bubbled up to the surface today, and I feel the need to vent them before I explode. So, in no particular order, here’s my list of random thoughts:

  • Adults and kids who can’t seem to speak or type unless it’s in “gangsta” form. I make no apologies for hating this behavior. It truly shows how unintelligent a person is when they want to emulate the worst our society has to offer.
  • Parents who try to act like the teenager they’re supposed to be raising, because they assume the kids think it’s cool. It’s not, and your kids know it and make fun of you behind your back. Your kid is just that, your kid – not your best friend or someone you confide in about your adult activities, especially your sex life.
  • Parents who don’t monitor what their children are doing, especially their teenage children. Your underage child is out drinking, doing drugs, sleeping around, and generally doing things that reflect very badly on you, and you’re clueless about it. Or worse yet, you know about it, and do absolutely nothing, thinking that it’s just a phase. Even worse, you allow it to happen in your home!
  • People who can’t seem to spell even the easiest of words. Is it stupidity? Maybe. Laziness? Probably. Irritating? Most definitely! Call me a grammar and spelling nazi, I don’t care; it hurts my eyes to have to read this kind of thing from people that are supposed to have an education beyond elementary school.
    • Your = belonging to you. You’re = You are.
    • There = a place. Their = belonging to them. They’re = they are.
    • Would’ve, could’ve, should’ve – Notice the word “of” isn’t used? That’s because it doesn’t belong!
  • Males that wear their pants hanging halfway down their ass. Nobody wants to see your underwear, it’s not attractive. Of course, it will provide years of entertainment for those of us who have had to witness your stupidity, when you’ve got the hips, knees and ankles of an 80 year old by the time you’re in your 20’s. Joint replacements just scream “fun and cool”, don’t they?
  • Females (young and old) who can’t seem to go a day without some kind of drama in their lives. Give it a rest. Nobody cares. Nobody wants your boyfriend, nor do they want to be you. You’re not the prettiest girl around, in fact, the way you behave makes you ugly. The fact that you love someone one day, and hate them the next is just sad. People aren’t laughing with you, they’re laughing at you! You’re pathetic, and you’re the only one who doesn’t know!
  • People who take a toddler to a restaurant and expect that child to behave perfectly. People who show up to an already crowded restaurant, just before an unexpected bus-load of more people, with a cranky toddler, and then have the nerve to complain about the service. People who don’t have enough sense to keep their cranky toddler out of an overcrowded restaurant, and allow said toddler to make a 5′ by 5′ area of the floor look like it was hit with a storm of food, utensils and crayons. People who finally leave, laughing about how “Hurricane Lily struck again”, obviously completely oblivious to what they’d put the rest of humanity through.
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