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Go Grandma!!

From Dear Abby:

DEAR ABBY: I recently baby-sat with my 4-year-old grandson for almost a week. During that time I noticed he was using the word “ain’t.” My daughter, a college graduate, lives about an hour away in a more rural area. She became very defensive when I mentioned it, and told me it is accepted in the South and he will continue to use that word.

I am concerned about the limiting effect I feel this may have on my grandson’s future life and opportunities. What are your thoughts on this issue, and how should I behave? — GRAMMAR GRANDMA IN NORTH CAROLINA

DEAR GRANDMA: Parents who fail to teach their children proper grammar are doing their children no favor. Obviously, your grandson is mimicking the kind of speech he’s hearing around him — and probably at home.

How should you behave? Continue to model proper English grammar when he’s with you, encourage him to use it and remind him when he forgets.

I have to say, it’s nice to read about someone else who is sick and tired of the status quo in America, when it comes to using proper grammar. It hurts my ears to hear improper speech, and it hurts my eyes to read things that are misspelled and grammatically incorrect. Typos and purposefully incorrect speech excluded, of course.

It’s really no wonder the rest of the world views us as “stupid Americans”, because we are a nation of idiots! If we want English to be the national language, then why, for cryin’ out loud, aren’t we using it ourselves? Instead, we’re subjected to a litany of “ain’t”, “would OF (could OF, should OF)”, and “I seen that”. And nobody seems to care! Hell, even our former president couldn’t form a complete sentence, use real words, or pronounce “nuclear” properly!

So, to “Grandma in North Carolina”, I say KUDOS to you! You go girl!

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