I just received a call from my 12 year old Son’s school psychologist. Since he started in a new school this year, one that’s very different from any other school he’s attended, they wanted to do a few assessment tests on him to make sure that he was in the proper classes.

Yes, I’m about to brag on my Son in a major way! But he deserves all the accolades I can give him … it’s not just me being a proud or biased mom.

They gave him a test called the Wexler something-or-other (when they mail the results to me, I’ll know the correct name of it), which is an IQ test. She explained that each portion of the test carries it’s own weight, and that some of the portions, he scored off the charts!

Overall, he scored in the 79th percentile. That means, if 100 kids took the test, he’d do better than 79 of them! That’s an average of all parts of the test, including areas that are very much not his forte (like History, Social Studies and parts of Science).

In reading, comprehension and language skills (ya know, spelling and grammar), he scored in the 87th percentile! Guess all these years of having a “Grammar Nazi” for a mom has paid off.

In math, his score was even better … 88th percentile! Way to go kid!!

His final IQ score, with 150 being the highest: he scored 112 !!  That’s my boy!!

He also told the psychologist that he wants to be an engineer when he grows up, more specifically a Disney Imagineer. He also has some pretty high aspirations when it comes to college … he wants to attend M.I.T. !  Did anybody else just hear my bank account empty itself? LOL  I hope he can get in on a scholarship, though, seriously!

I’m one very proud mamma right now! His intelligence scares me a bit. He’s already professionally building his own social networking website that’s incorporating the “best of” all the other ones (MySpace, Facebook, MyYearbook, Twitter, etc.). He’s surpassed my programming skills, and now I have to ask him to show me how to do certain things that he can practically do in his sleep.

Did I mention that he’s only 12 years old?!?

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