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Who’s that man?

I usually have some freaky messed up dreams. The kind where you wake up and go, “What the hell was that all about?!”.  Occasionally I have nightmares that I hope never come true, involving my Son or my Husband or someone else that I love dearly.

Last night’s dream was something entirely different! It started out as a nightmare about my mother and sister. And let’s face it, any dream about either of them would be a nightmare. I’m going to skip entirely over that part of the dream, except to say that when I left them (and consequently, that part of my dream), I entered into a dream that was calm and peaceful and wonderful.

I should say right at the start that I am a very happily married woman. My Husband is my dream man. I have never once thought about straying from my marriage! But I do appreciate beauty wherever I see it, be it a man or woman. I have my celebrity crushes, of course – what woman doesn’t? 😀 But those are the safe, “it’ll never happen” kind of crushes.

So, on to my dream …..

I exited the house and entered into a lush countryside filled with fields of what may have been wheat or some other short, light stalk. The kind where the slightest breeze causes a ripple to roam over the field. I was taking in the beauty and serenity of it, when someone next to me spoke. I was startled, but relieved, to have my best friend there with me.

The two of us started walking down the country road – the kind without lines in the center or sides. I know exactly where I am and where I’m going. As we walk, we’re not talking, both of us drinking in the beautiful day. We round a bend in the road, and come upon a large group of men in some sort of military uniform. A handful of men were on the road, but the vast majority of them were in the field to our right.

The field was filled with large round bales of hay, scattered around at random. The men appeared to be getting ready for something. We stopped and watched for a few moments, before continuing our walk. After a  few dozen steps, we come to a man who is standing in the middle of the road, watching us with a slight smile on his face. The man is stunningly handsome. His face has that soft, chiseled Hollywood star look to it. His is a kind face, and I find myself drawn to him.

I stop a few feet from him, a comfortable enough distance to admire his beauty for a second before he speaks. I have completely forgotten about my friend, mesmerized as I am by his physical appearance. The sun is to my right, but it’s a soft evening light. I don’t have to squint or shield my eyes when I look at him, which is a relief.

“Where are you beautiful ladies heading tonight?”, he asks, bringing me back to reality.

My friend responds, as I’m apparently unable to speak, “Just taking a walk. What’s going on here?”.

“We’re preparing for a show tonight. A demonstration.” He smiles at me. My heart races. I feel like a teenager all the sudden. “Would you like to watch? There’s an excellent view from the building on the other side of the hill. That’s where most of us will be watching.”

I start to protest, even though I’d love nothing more than to spend more time with this man. He holds one finger up, as if to say, “Hold on, don’t decide just yet.” and turns his head slightly over his shoulder to call for another man to come over.

The second man trots easily to where we’re standing and says, “Yeah, boss?”, while smiling at my friend. She’s smiling back at him, and I realize she’s just as smitten with the second man as I am with the first.

“We’re gonna take these ladies up to the building to watch the demonstration.”, then he turns to me, and holds out his arm in an old fashioned gesture, fully expecting me to take him arm and walk with him. All of my defenses are down, and I happily oblige.

We make small talk on the way to the building. Just as we’re about to enter, someone calls out to my man. He withdraws his arm from mine, and tells me to go ahead and get myself a plate of food, and meet him in the seating area. My friend’s man also excuses himself, telling my friend the same thing.

My friend and I look at each other, shrug our shoulders, and head to the buffet where we proceed to fill our plates. My friend is being a bit clumsy, and is starting to irritate me. I’m not sure why the sudden mood change, and why the anger towards my friend, but I’m glad when we finally move past the tables and start heading for the stadium seating to find “our” men.

Standing at the top of the seating area, plate in hand, I scour the sea of faces to find the one I’m looking for. My heart skips a beat as I see him looking directly at me and waving. I once again completely forget about my friend as I make my way carefully down the steps. Gingerly walking down the row of seats, I finally make it to where he’s sitting.

“I’m glad you stayed.”, he says with a warm smile.

I place my plate on the seat next to me as I sit down. I turn to say something to him, but my words get caught in my throat as I realize that his face is inches from mine. I am unaware of anything going on around me. All sound stops, and everything in my peripheral vision is blurred.

He brings his hand up and caresses my face with the backs of his fingers. His fingers slide along my jaw line, under my ear towards the back of my head. He gently pulls my face closer to his. I instinctively realize what’s about to happen, and I welcome it.

My heart is pounding in my chest. I tilt my head ever so slightly. I close my eyes. I can feel his breath on my lips.

. . . . .

. . . . .

And my alarm goes off! Damn! Damn! Damn!

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