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Finally, I can relax!

The holidays are finally over! Yes, there is still New Year’s Eve, but since Bill has to work that night, and Matthew is with his father until Sunday, it’s over for us! Yay!  We couldn’t be happier! 🙂

We did all of our obligatory running around. On the 23rd, when things were planned for the get-together with the in-laws, we started our Xmas shopping in the afternoon. Bill went to work that night, as usual. He did talk to his mother about it, but not the way I’d hoped. He just told her that he had to work, and that I was sick (I knew he’d throw that in as partial justification!). And no, we didn’t go.

Xmas eve was met with a bit of running around, as we had to do the kid-swap. We met his father at Wal-mart, since they had to be there anyway. It saves us the trip, too, since it’s the halfway point between our house and his. While we were there, we noticed something that Matthew might want, and it was fairly inexpensive, so we decided to get it. The one present we got for the boy this year. Of course, this meant that I had to distract Matthew so Bill could buy it in secret. 😉

Once home, Bill and I weren’t all that tired, so we spent the rest of the night doing random things. I ironed another set of curtains to hang. Bill sat bored at his computer, until I gave him something to do. Cookies!!  I’d read an interesting recipe from Tiffany over at Snerkology, and wanted to try it out. But I’m not the person you want trying out a new recipe! I can burn water. So by default, it goes to the cook in the family … my wonderful Husband. Our agreement was that he’d cook, and I’d do the dishes afterward. I should have re-thought that, as he left me a pile of dishes to wash! When all was said and done, the cookies turned out great and we ate more than we probably should have. But we had to keep our energy up, as we also decided to do a bit of cleaning and unpacking and straightening-up around here. We finally fell into bed around 7am.

Xmas day found us asleep until about 4pm. Plans were made to go to my father’s house that evening. Since there really wasn’t any need to swap gifts there, it was just a visit. And it was nice.  Matthew got to show off his new laptop to Pop-pop (who was 1 of 9 people who contributed to the purchase!). Otherwise, we basically just sat around and talked and laughed. For 5 hours.

Saturday, we finally did the gift-swap at the in-law’s. We were only there about an hour. Bill’s brother and his family came over. We opened gifts. Matthew showed off his laptop some more (3 of the 9 contributers were there). We had a few laughs while Bill played with his nephew. There was nothing really noteworthy about the evening. We then made the trip to drop off Matthew at his father’s for the week. Once home, we busied ourselves with more random chores (more curtains!) for a few hours.

Tonight, I’m going to do more curtains (I’m almost done), catch up on blog reading, maybe go through my ever-growing list of unopened emails, and just relax. I’m taking this opportunity, as well, to try to recover from bronchitis.  The coughing is really starting to wear me out. But now that there are no plans, and no kid for a week, I can sleep whenever I feel the need, for however long I want!

I’m also watching “The Sound of Music”, which is a favorite movie of mine, but it’s with a heavy heart. When I was growing up, my mother and I would watch it, usually on Xmas when it was aired on TV. When I was with my Son’s father, I had 2 step-daughters, and I started that tradition with them, as well. Last year, I watched it with Matthew for the first time. And this year, I’m watching it by myself. And I’m bummed about that.

It’s funny how listening to a song can conjure up so many vivid memories.

  1. December 28, 2009 at 7:00 pm

    Yeah, this is definitely the time to start relaxing! You most certainly deserve it after the winter you’ve had! Hope you find yourself as busy as you want to be and as relaxed as you need to be in 2010! =)

    • December 28, 2009 at 8:53 pm

      Thanks Mindy! It appears I’ll be relaxing in the new year this year. Which is just fine by me! My ribs and back are aching something awful from all the coughing. I didn’t even do chores last night; finished watching the movie, then went straight to bed. And slept solidly! With no alarm to wake me at 5:30am! I slept more today, and am already thinking about going back to bed. At this rate, I’ll not only be relaxing in the new year, I might sleep right through it! LOL

  2. December 29, 2009 at 3:02 pm

    Dear Shelli,
    It sounds like it worked out well. I wish Bill would speak to his mother. Eventually he will have to and the longer he waits the harder it will be.

    We don’t do anything for New Years. To many drunks on the road. We will stay at home with the dogs and it will be a good evening. Peace, howie

    • December 29, 2009 at 3:59 pm

      You’re so right Howie, it will be harder for him. Have a great New Year’s Eve! 🙂

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