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Something for me, part 3

And finally, the last “Something for me” post; continued from yesterday.

Happened to me

Actually, it happened to us – Bill, Matthew and me. Our tv finally gave up the ghost and died. The events that happened before, during and after made it all the funnier and more amazing. Yes, a tv dying turned out to be amazing. Go figure!

A little back story, first. In the summer of 2008, our tv decided it liked the color red better than any other color. So, for about a week, we watched everything through a red veil. People looked incredibly sunburnt, landscapes were an odd shade of greenish-orange, and our OnDemand menu was a bit on the purple side (it should be blue). We mentioned it to Emory, our wonderful neighbor, to see if he knew of a fix for it. He informed us that we’d better start looking for a new one. Shortly after, his tv started giving him problems, so he started looking for a new one, as well. He found a pair of almost identical sets, being sold on Craigslist by a guy willing to deliver, and bought them both. Emory used one, and kept the other in his garage, with the offer to sell it to us when ours officially died. Unfortunately, he died before our tv did.

During the “empty-out-athon” that our landlord did after Emory’s death, we decided to lay claim to the tv that Emory actually used. For practical and sentimental reasons. And to make sure that the landlord didn’t trash it, like he did with almost everything else. When we found Emory’s cousin, we cleared it with her, and she was more than happy to let us keep it. So, we had the tv, and it sat in our attic. Our tv was still working, and had stopped favoring the color red! When we moved, it was put in Matthew’s bedroom for storage.

A couple of weeks ago, we got that “extra” paycheck in the month. If you’re paid bi-weekly, you know what I’m talking about. It happens twice a year. It’s the paycheck that you get that doesn’t have anything it needs to be spent on. It’s yours, free and clear, to use on catching up, or buying something you’ve been putting off for several months.  After not only catching up on bills, we actually got ahead of the bills. And bought a few things we needed. And did the whole perm thing on my head. And bought extra groceries. Boy do I love that extra paycheck! One of the last things we bought was a cabinet that fits over the toilet in the bathroom (duh, where else would a toilet be?). That cabinet cost us $35. Not a bad deal, if you ask me! We bought it on Monday. Figured we’d assemble and install it the following weekend. That was pretty much the last of our “free paycheck”, but it was justified because we needed the extra storage space.

On Tuesday, Bill turned the tv on, and discovered that everything had turned blue. Bright blue! The kind of blue that would put a Smurf to shame. Apparently, the tv couldn’t decide which color it liked the most, and was now favoring the color blue instead of red. Only, blue was much much worse than the red was! And because we questioned the tv and it’s inability to pick a color, it decided we weren’t worthy of seeing any color, any more. We were left with a blindingly bright line, in the middle of the screen, running from left to right, about half an inch high. Turning on and off the tv repeatedly didn’t fix the problem. Letting it sit for a while before trying again … yeah, that didn’t fix it either. Let the scrambling begin!

First, Emory’s tv was hauled out of Matthew’s room to put in the living room. Then finding a power cord for it, since the original cord was lost during the move (it’s around here somewhere, I’m sure of it!). Then trying to program our cable remote to work with it. All of this just to make sure the thing actually still worked. It did! So now we have a decision to make. Do we put the working tv on top of the dead tv, like a hillbilly entertainment center? Or do we go to the store to see if we can find a tv table or something? We decided that we could return the bathroom cabinet and have that money to use, if need be.

We decide to check Goodwill first. I’m convinced that we’ll never be able to find anything sturdy enough to support the new tv for the $35 that we’d get from returning the cabinet. Bill is a bit more optimistic. So, we walk around the home furnishings area. I see some tables that might work. Bill finds other structures (not sure what they were exactly) that might work. Then he finds a monstrosity of an entertainment center. It looks like the kind you’d see in an upscale hotel room. The kind with the doors that close, hiding the tv altogether. One of the doors was broken, but looked like it would be fairly easy to fix. Still, I’m absolutely certain that it will not be cheap. Yes, even Goodwill has stuff that’s too expensive for us! Imagine our surprise when we find the price-tag, and it says $34.97!

I wish I’d had a camera with me! Getting that thing into our SUV was a nightmare! We had to fold down the back seat. We also had to remove the spare tire, and put it inside the entertainment center, otherwise it wouldn’t have fit width-wise. Bill and an employee pushed and shoved, and had it almost all the way in, when another customer came up to help. It took the 3 of them to get this thing in enough that the gate would close. I ended up riding home with a box of anti-freeze and washer fluid in my lap, ’cause there was no room for it in the back.

Once home, Bill and Matthew were going to try to bring it upstairs by themselves. I was prepared for the worst – a shattered entertainment center, and my 2 guys in the hospital. As luck would have it, our neighbor came home and helped, which relieved me immensely! It, and my men, safely in the house, it was up to me and Matthew to get everything re-wired.

2 hours after our tv died, we had a brand new set-up. Just in time for “The Biggest Loser”. All was right with the world again.

Thank you Emory! Once again, just when we needed you most, you pulled through for us!

Before (pay no attention to the cute cat trying to hyptnotize you)

After (notice the door is fixed, thanks to Bill)

  1. February 2, 2010 at 11:12 pm

    Great story, Shelli! Is that a Zenith? I got an old Zenith from a hotel liquidator place in New Haven, and it keeps on keepin on. It’s HD for “heavy duty”, not the whole “high def” thang.

  2. February 3, 2010 at 2:01 am

    The new tv is RCA. The old tv … I completely forget what brand it was, but I know it wasn’t a Zenith. And yeah, our old tv was also HD for “heavy duty”. If you can’t tell from the photo, it was a floor model type that came already encased in a wooden shell, complete with speakers on the sides. The thing was probably as old as me and weighed a ton! And it’s picture rocked! When it wasn’t totally red or blue, that is. 😉 Now we can hook up the surround sound system that my dad is giving me. I just have to get the small surround speakers. I wish I could afford Bose speakers, those things are awesome!

    • February 3, 2010 at 8:27 pm

      BOSE! I had a roomate once who worked at Bose and had a killer system. Bose absolutely rules the stereo world. Some day . . . some day . . . oops, I died. That’s how it will go, but it’s fun to think some day . . . some day . . .

      • February 3, 2010 at 9:47 pm

        We have a BOSE store less than 5 minutes from us, and occasionally we’ll go in for the “tour”, where you listen to the system in a dark room. Of course, we have to act all surprised at the end, like we haven’t seen it 6 dozen times already. LOL

  3. February 3, 2010 at 2:42 am

    Yay for you and your new TV! Goodwill can be one happenin’ place if you know how (and where) to look. The new cabinet looks awesome and a total steal for $34.97! Glad things are workin’ out for ya lady!! =)

    • February 3, 2010 at 3:05 am

      If not for the broken door, it would have been closer to $60, as evidenced by the price sticker we found underneath the price we paid. A little glue and a large C-clamp, and it’s not even noticeable. Not diggin’ the hunter green color, but it’s so dark, it almost looks black, which is fine by us!

  4. February 3, 2010 at 9:30 am

    Dear Shelly, I have really enjoyed this trilogy. The entertainment center looks great. As a former TV tech I could tell you what went wrong but then I would also tell you is would be worth fixing. it. Peace, howie

    • February 3, 2010 at 9:41 pm

      Little confused here. It would or wouldn’t be worth fixing? Actually, it’s sitting out in the snow right now, so probably not worth fixing at this point! LOL I am curious, though, what went wrong? Picture tube?

  5. February 3, 2010 at 3:48 pm

    Good buy on the cabinet! And as for the door, that is pretty much obsolete, I mean, why cover up the TV? TV’s are to be watched and looked at, not hidden away out of sight. And I know exactly what you were talking about with the extra paycheck! I used to live for those, marking in my planner when it would come! LOL. It is good to see that you didn’t have to spend it all on bills, and that you got to buy some extras with it. I always hate having to spend extra money (gifts, tax return, extra paycheck, etc.) on bills and groceries, much better if spent, at least partially, on something for you!

    • February 3, 2010 at 9:44 pm

      That’s the one thing I DO put in my calendar that I DO remember faithfully. Next one’s in August for us. Yeah, spending any “extra” money on bills sucks. It’s become almost a way of life for us, though. Covering the tv – I know, right! It’s usually the focal point of a living room anymore.

  6. February 10, 2010 at 9:19 am

    “… Emory died before the TV did!”

    ROFLMAO .. I sprayed coffee all over my laptop screen when I read that Shelli!! OMG… I’m still laughing!!

    I love thrift stores and Goodwill .. but you’re right .. sometimes I don’t know what crack pipe they’re smoking out of when they price things.

    Anymore, I check them and Craigslist out before I buy anything.

    Flea Markets kick ass too … have you ever been to the Green Dragon? The one time we went up there it rained so freakin’ hard so it was kind of pointless but I want to make the trip back..

    • February 11, 2010 at 1:57 am

      Glad I could entice you to clean off your screen (’cause it was a bit too dirty, I’m sure *giggle*). I hadn’t realized how funny that sounded until I re-read it. It was just one of those sarcastic remarks that pops out of me without thinking. Such is my life! LOL

      We do Goodwill a lot. Funny, Emory was a huge fan of Craigslist, but wouldn’t touch eBay for anything. I’m just the opposite. Bill is starting to get addicted to searching for things on Craigslist now, and it worries me.

      I’ve never personally been to Green Dragon, but everyone I know has been there, it seems. Some of my friends and family go frequently. I’m honestly not even sure where it is, only that it’s close to me … somewhere. If you ever go again, gimme a yell, maybe we can meet up?

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