Two Americas

I was watching a show on Current tv this morning, called “Two Americas“. It showed the lives of 1 very rich family, and 1 very poor family. In the poor family, the man had a job where he was making $55k a year, and I believe the woman may have had a job as well. Then he got laid off. Their dream home went into foreclosure, and they moved to Texas to find work.

The man was in construction, and spent 5 months looking for work, sending out hundreds of resumes, and getting only 3 interviews, which he never heard back from. They were desperate for money, as the pitiful job the wife had was also lost, and they were trying to get by on the $19k he was getting from unemployment. They have 2 children.

During some interviews with the man, he said he hated that he was on unemployment, and would much rather have a job where he could earn a living and care for his family. He also hated being on food stamps ($178 a month), and snarkily replied, “Thanks Texas” about the small amount.

Every bill was past due, and they needed to come up with hundreds just to keep from having their electric, water, and phone from being shut off. He sought out help from his mother, who was living on SS. She was able to contribute some, but not enough. He went to a charity, and was lucky to get $75, which was a once a YEAR allowance from the charity.

At the end of the show, they were watching one of the GOP debates. When Newt said that he disagreed with giving people unemployment, the poor man said, “I totally agree! Our government is too big. We shouldn’t have to rely on our government. If they didn’t help, someone else would have to step in to help their neighbors!”  When Romney said that the rich shouldn’t be taxed at a higher rate, the poor wife replied, “They already pay their fair share. We all pay the same rate, right?”

*facepalm!*  This man had scoured his area to find help, and none was out there! Does he REALLY think that without unemployment and welfare, that charities would help people MORE than what they’re able to do now?! Did he really think his neighbors would help him, since they were all having their utilities shut off for non-payment as well?! What kind of people fight/vote against their own best interest, and the best interest of their neighbors?!  What kind of people take unemployment and welfare, then say we don’t need them and shouldn’t have them?!  What kind of person doesn’t know that the rich pay far less of a percentage of their income than the middle class?!

I can only assume that these people are completely ignorant. Or brainwashed. Or both. I feel sad for them. But if they vote in the next election for someone who would strip away everything they need just to survive, then they deserve what they get.

For more info and a discussion about the show:

  1. @thebasedbob
    February 15, 2012 at 10:05 pm

    I can’t believe no one has commented. Well written & I too facepalmed at not only Mr.STARR and his willingness to vote against his own interests. But the ignorance of Ms.Starr with ‘we all pay a fair share’ there ks no reaching these people. They will vote (R) no matter what they go through. I don’t even kno what the Loyas do but as felloe poor person, I hate them. Call it jealousy, it wont make me any poorer.

    • February 17, 2012 at 4:02 am

      Thanks! I’m a little stunned that nobody had commented either. I don’t get it – how they and others can continue to vote against their own best interest. I just read an article tonight that might somewhat explain it. But it still doesn’t answer the question of how to get them to open their eyes and see what’s really going on.

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