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Lil taking Milt to the Draft Board


Letter written on 11 Nov 1972, by my Grandmother Lil, to her children.

Lil taking Milt to the Draft Board

This is Armistice Day, as I knew it as a child. It was a day set aside to commemorate the death of all those soldiers who lost their lives in the first World War.

Today we have December 7, known as Pearl Harbor Day. That is known as the day the Japs bombed Pearl Harbor and sent us into World War II. I was pregnant with Roberta at the time, and was only a young bride. I was petrified that your Dad would be taken away from me to fight in the war.

Your Dad was petrified that he might have to fight in the war. I know all men were afraid of the same thing and that Dad was not unique. But he was more so as even the fellows at the shop (Henderer’s) could attest. That is the reason for this cute drawing.

Slim Slicer was the artist. I was working at Laskin’s Market to help with grocery bill. Your Dad had been deferred because of the “War Work for the U.S. Navy” during most of the time and it was now 1945 and he could get no more deferments. I was pregnant with Louise and very much upset. The picture depicts Louise (inside me) and Roberta and me driving the grocery truck with your father, on the way to the draft board.

He never had to fight, Roosevelt died and VE Day came at the same time and Dad was told to wait for new orders, which never came through.

Love, Mom

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