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Casey’s European Girl Scouts Adventure

A dear friend of mine has a daughter who would really like to go on a trip to Europe with her Girl Scout troop. She’s been doing everything she can to raise the money for this trip, but could use a little help, as it’s pretty expensive. If anyone can help, even a little bit, you’d be giving this girl an opportunity of a lifetime! In her own words:

I have the opportunity of a lifetime.  My Girl Scouts troop, 11132, is planning an educational trip to Europe.  We will be visiting London, Paris, Rome, Florence, and Capri.  My mom has been telling me how wonderful and important travel can be, and now I will get to find out for myself.  To make this happen, I am working constantly on fund raising projects with my troop.  We are busy almost every single weekend trying to supplement our trip.  I even told my mom I am willing to give up every Christmas present and birthday gift from anyone, for the chance to make this dream happen.  Opportunities like this may come only once in a lifetime.  Will you help me to make this dream a reality?  My trip will cost about 4000.00.  That’s not too bad, considering it will be for 12 days and includes many famous places and museums.  It includes my airfare, and most of my meals as well.  I will try to send a postcard to every donor!  I will also put together an online photo album of my trip, when I get back, so that you can share in my journey.  For every 2 hours I am in Europe, it will cost about $25.00.  If you would be willing to sponsor at least two hours of my trip, that would be amazing.  If not, every little bit helps!  Oh, and feel free to donate more if you want, or to sponsor a few hours as a birthday or Christmas gift.  Thank you so much for supporting me in this opportunity.  I may never get another chance like this, so to all those that want to help, Thank YOU!


If you can help at all, please click thru:


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