I’m a terrible cook. Well, when it comes to most things, anyway. But I try! I have a bunch of cookbooks, and I peruse them occasionally. Mostly when I’m tired of eating the same ol’ same ol’ week in and week out.

Almost everything I make comes from a box or can, and comes with instructions, that I follow to a “T”. I cook for survival, not pleasure. I don’t like to experiment – I don’t enjoy food poisoning! πŸ˜€Β  Nor do I enjoy scraping off the burnt remains of what was supposed to be dinner.Β  I leave the experimenting to Bill, who is an excellent cook.Β  He is creative. He can look in the pantry, fridge and freezers and come up with a meal that I never would have thought of if left to my own devices. In fact, there have been a few times when I thought we were out of food to make for dinner, and he’s whipped up something that later became a staple dinner for us. He’s amazing in the kitchen!

I do, though, have a few dishes that I cook well, and that everyone asks me to make. I thought it would be nice to share those with others.

Please keep in mind that we are poor. Most of what we can afford comes from discount grocery stores. Fresh foods are usually too expensive, so we buy canned and occasionally frozen. If you decide to try out a recipe, I’m sure you could substitute fresh foods, with a little adjustment. I’ll try to give those adjustments when I can … if I know what to do.

I hope you enjoy the recipes I have to share. If you try them, please let me know! Even if you don’t end up liking them. I can take criticism, honestly! (I still endure the jokes at my expense about such things as burning water, turning on the wrong burner and burning other items, and not knowing how to use my Husband’s microwave … so I can definitely take it if someone doesn’t like a recipe!)




Twisted Beef Stew

Stuffed Portobello

Stuffed Portobello

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